Arp Odyssey 2800 MK1 Synthesizer

On sale $2,200.00

A very rare and unmolested, perfectly working, no snaggletooth keyed Arp Odyssey MK1 2800 Whiteface edition from 1972. NOT A REISSUE. Made in the U.S.A. and 100% original! Pushing 50 years old and working flawlessly.

This synth is all original and was recently serviced by LA Synth Co. in Highland Park, CA.

We have had it in our possession for the past 7+ years. It has been used on several recordings for Dirty Power, but never been used live since owning it.

Here is a video of this synth:

This is THE SYNTH that we based our DIY patch sheet shirts and crewnecks off of.

Detailed info and history:
While the Minimoog proved to be a runaway success as the first compact studio synthesizer, ARP responded with a compact and user-friendly studio synthesizer of their own with the Odyssey in 1972. An almost equally legendary machine itself, the Odyssey was ARP's highest selling synth back then, and still is to this day in the second-hand market.

The Odyssey Mk I (Model 2800) was produced between 1972-1975. They used a smooth yet shrill sounding 2-pole voltage-controlled filter design (model 4023) similar to those used in the Oberheim SEM modules. This filter can sound like robot's going to war with an electrical company. Metal bending upon metal. MEAN.

Essentially this is a simplified hard-wired ARP 2600 in a much smaller and affordable package. The Odyssey is a 2-oscillator analog synth (with duo-phonic capability). Comes well equipped with all the tweakable features and analog goodness you'd expect: a resonant low pass filter, ADSR envelopes, sine or square wave LFO, and a sample-and-hold function.