Management: josh[at] 

General Information / Booking: info[at]

*high resolution press photos available to download as a zip format here.
**PDF of official logo design and brand guidelines can be downloaded here.

Fartbarf Foamer email log in here.

Please read the below stage specs and rider carefully, then sign and return the PDF from the link at the bottom of this page to get this show on the road.

Additional Requirements (On Stage)

- 3 Small Towels

- Bottled Water

Additional Requests (Back Stage)

- Lots of beer. Preferably sour beers (similar to Cuvée Des Jacobins), Guinness, and green bottled beer. If that’s too difficult, any shitty cheap lager will do.

- 1 Bottle of Fernet Branca or Whisky

- Assorted Mixers (Mexican Coke / 7-UP / Redbull)

- Vegetarian friendly snacks. We like snacks. We like candy. We’ll fall in love if you bring us a cheese pizza and some sour patch kids.

Note: 15 minutes set up time is needed from when stage is clear of previous act. House PA system should be no less than 2 X 800 watt mains with 1,500 watt Subs.

Sound engineer is required. But only to turn the volume up to 11.
We have our own sub mix on stage: Questions? Please email at least 7 days in advance.

*If by some weird chance your venue refuses to splurge on the $20 worth of stuff Fartbarf requests above, Fartbarf will bring their own supplies with them.